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Dogs are often called man’s best friends. “Dogs bring mysticism, joy, and hilarity in your life. They teach you how to love unconditionally,” says Thomas N Salzano, a dog trainer, animal behaviorist, and a blogger. No doubt, families who have chosen dogs as their pets are more lively and optimistic.

Although dogs are happy spirits, families sometimes face trouble with their dog’s behavior. In such conditions, you need to home train your dog. This will not only improve their social companionship and mental stimulation but also strengthen your bond with your dog. It is a fun session that can be shared by you two. But in the worst conditions, you must take your dog to a professional trainer.

This website is dedicated to all the dog lovers who want to train their own or stray dogs.

Thomas Salzano specialises in training your furry buddy in the most playful and interactive manner. Everything on this website is related to how Thomas along with other professional trainers trains his and other dogs at his own dog Centre.

The blogs on this website talk about the reasons why a dog should be trained, how to train your dog and more specifically how to care about your dog. He also writes about his bonding with his dogs and their training sessions.


The website aims at providing accurate insights into dog training. Thomas says, “If you say that your dog is your best friend, then make efforts to groom and pamper your friend with the best training and care.”

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