Thomas N Salzano – Basic Dog Training

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“It’s easy to train your dog and every pet owner should try it to make the bond stronger,” says Thomas N Salzano a blogger and a professional dog trainer. Thomas feels that there is no harm in training your dog as training will make it easy for humans to interact with their pets in a friendly and verbal manner.

As a dog trainer Thomas N Salzano feels there are 3 basic commands that your dog should know:

#Command No.1 “The sit command”

This command is the most important and easiest of all. Take a reward treat in your hand and put the treat to your pet’s nose. The dog may try to bite it but repeat the command “SIT” and once he sits paise your dog.

#Command No.2 “The stay command”

This command helps your dog to learn self-control. Command your pet to sit and open your palm and put it in front of you. Say “stay” and step backward. If your dog stays give him a reward and if not repeat the command by showing the pet what to do when he says stay.

#Command No.3 “The Heel Command’

This command teaches your dog to walk next to you. The command will help to teach your dog to walk properly on a leash. Take a toy and get your pet’s attention by squeaking the toy, command Heel and if your pet gets distracted stop walking immediately. Keep repeating the command until you gain your pet’s attention.

Thomas Salzano says that ”these are the 3 important commands each pet dog must know and every dog owner should focus on.”

Thomas N Salzano – Basic Dog Training
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