Thomas N Salzano – Dog Training Tips

Thomas N Salzano With Dog

“You are already a dog trainer if you have a dog as a pet,” says Thomas N Salzano a famous dog trainer and a traveler. He prefers to take his dog along while traveling and exploring the hills.

Thomas Salzano says, “ it’s important to let your pet socialize but for that first, you need to train him well.”

Here are a few dog training tips by Thomas N Salzano:

  • First things first, give a cute name to your puppy and make sure that he is called by the same name
  • Daily training sessions are must but keep the sessions short
  • The best time to train is when your dog is hungry as he will be more tempted towards the reward
  • Try clicker training and play sessions
  • Research about dog training and calming signals of dogs
  • Encourage exploration
  • Focus on guiding not controlling

Thomas N Salzano suggests socializing the puppy before he is 20 weeks old. Thomas says ” I have experienced the change in my dog after the training,” so I still take out time to train my dog and explore the beauty of nature with him.

Thomas N Salzano – Dog Training Tips
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