Thomas N Salzano: Tips to Stop Your Dog From Pulling on the Leash

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Dogs get excited when you take them out for a walk and start running the minute they are out of the house. Whereas sometimes your dog doesn’t want to walk on a leash and to get rid of the leash starts doing activities that irritate you. Thomas says in order to have a well-trained and well-behaved dog you must train your dog to walk nicely on a leash.

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Thomas N Salzano is a professional dog trainer and has come across many dog owners who complain about the behavior of their dog especially during a walk. Thomas says as a dog trainer, it’s easy for me to identify where the problem lies but as an owner, you will find it difficult to identify the little issue.

The issue here is that your dog is not comfortable with the leash and to know what can be the reason behind reading through the following points and identify the problem:

Always Use the Same Length Leash

Avoid using a flexible or retractable leash as your dog will never be able to identify the actual space he has for moving so that he does not pull you. The dog should know exactly how much space he has to wander before you get pulled by your dog. The suggested length of the leash is 6 foot. Always use a leash with the same length and don’t use the flexible leash.

Don’t Let Him Pull You

As an owner of a dog, one thing that you must have faced while taking your dog for a walk is your dog’s pull. Dogs often pull you to walk in the direction they want which sometimes can have dangerous results as you may fall due to the sudden pull of your dog. Don’t allow your dog to pull you and make it a habit of yours to not allow this behavior to start. As soon as he tries to pull just stand and make your dog realize that you will stop and more back if he pulls again.

Change Your Direction

At times the dogs stop paying attention to your instruction out of excitement or are distracted by what is in front of him. In such a case, you are advised to change your direction. You can lock your arm and hand, to keep it from pulling and jarring. Just simply change your direction giving your dog less time to realize the change.

Always Hold the Leash in Your Right Hand

Hold the leash of your dog in your right hand and make him walk on your right side so that it is easy for you to stop him with a little pull when needed. It is nearly impossible to strangle you dog with your leash in the right hand and the dog on your left side. Give your dog the space he needs to walk and avoid pulling as he will develop a habit of being pulled and might pull you back as a reaction. 

Reward Your Dog for His Good Behaviour

The reward is loved by all and the greed of being rewarded again stays until you are again rewarded. The same is the case with dogs if you reward them by making them realize the reason for being rewarded they will behave well. The reward should be of their interest so that they crave for it and behave nicely as you taught him.

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These are some tips by Thomas for all dog owners to implement in the training session of their dogs. A dog is a friendly animal and intelligent too so it’s not difficult for anyone to train them. Just remember you can not be rude with them, love them and teach them the right way of doing a thing and you will see the change in your dog’s behavior within a few days.

Thomas N Salzano: Tips to Stop Your Dog From Pulling on the Leash

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