Month: April 2020

Thomas N Salzano – Top 10 Best Dog Breeds for a Family with Kids

Planning to adopt a dog but confused which one to adopt especially because you have kids at home? Basically it all depends on your household activities, living statution and family energy says Thomas N Salzano a professional dog trainer. Everyone prefers a dog that has a friendly attitude, trainable nature and can easily adapt with the family especially with kids. It is also noticed that people get confused with the dog breeds and look for suggestions whereas some are clear with their choice based on their own experience and interaction with similar dogs. Here is a little effort put in by Thomas N Salzano by listing some top prefered dogs based on their friendly nature and traits. Pug or a […]

Thomas Salzano – What Food Should You Avoid Feeding Your Dog

You must have heard about the food items available in the market just for dogs. Many families ask the importance and proportion of these specific dog foods in the daily diet of a dog. Trainers like Thomas Salzano face a lot of similar questions that are related to a dog’s diet or revolves around what human food can the dog eat? You all need to understand that the digestive system of a dog is way different from humans which means not everything that you eat can be a part of your dog’s diet. There are a number of food items that should be kept away from your dog to make sure he/she stays fit and eats right. Thomas says that […]

Thomas Salzano: How to Socialize Your Dog

Training your dog is always a long-term endeavor, especially when it comes to adult dogs. Thomas Salzano says that the training of puppies is much easier than the adult dogs who may need time to unlearn negative social behaviors. When we talk about the socialization of dogs many questions run in your mind related to the dog’s aggressive behavior and your abilities to train your dog. But once you have taught your dog to socialize, the rewards are manifold. Thomas N Salzano a professional dog trainer says, that socializing your dog is important not just to make your dog interact friendly but to boost the confidence of your dog which eventually results in a happy bond between you and your […]

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