Thomas Salzano: How to Socialize Your Dog

Training your dog is always a long-term endeavor, especially when it comes to adult dogs. Thomas Salzano says that the training of puppies is much easier than the adult dogs who may need time to unlearn negative social behaviors.

When we talk about the socialization of dogs many questions run in your mind related to the dog’s aggressive behavior and your abilities to train your dog. But once you have taught your dog to socialize, the rewards are manifold.

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Thomas N Salzano a professional dog trainer says, that socializing your dog is important not just to make your dog interact friendly but to boost the confidence of your dog which eventually results in a happy bond between you and your dog.

Important facts that you need to know about Socialization of your dog:

Know about Healthy Socialization for your dog

  • The best way is to take your dog for a walk with you and introduce your friends and people around with your dog. This is the simplest way to work on the socialization of your dog.
  • The other important thing that you need to teach your dog is patience especially when he/she sees other dogs around. For making this situation easy for your dog the best you can do is make your dog interact especially with the dogs of your friends and family.

The best time to work on your dog’s socialization is when the dog is young

If you have a puppy then do spend time on your dog’s training from the very beginning. It’s a fact puppies begin learning social skills from birth within the fold of the litter. It is suggested that you should expose your puppy to the family members and the electronic equipment like the dishwasher that could be a danger for your dog.

Train your puppy to remain calm when someone comes near to your dog’s food or water bowl. All this little training will help your dog to understand the people and objects around him/her especially your puppy will get exposure to the danger around the house.

Be aware of your dog’s limits

This is especially for the ones who have an adult dog as the level of aggression is high among adult dogs and it is difficult to control them at times. The reactions that you will notice in your dog when but in a socializing situation is to avoid, standing close to his/her human, and even growling and snapping at dogs or strangers who come too near.

So it’s important for you to understand the limits of your dog, that when is the time that your dog gets irritated and might hurt the person and how close can people go that won’t irritate your dog.

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Remember that Dog’s Socialization never stops

Don’t think that you have trained your dog when he/she was a puppy and now you are good to go. No, that’s not true. Dogs develop aggression with passing time and develop habits that are not acceptable. It is important to take out some time for your dog not just to bond well but to notice your dog’s behavior and train him/her accordingly.

The fact that you need to know is that dog socialization training begins with you and it’s you as a human best friend can teach your dog about the difference between right behavior and wrong behavior. Thomas Salzano says love and care both are equally important to maintain a friendly bond between you and your dog.

Thomas Salzano: How to Socialize Your Dog

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