Thomas N Salzano – Top 10 Best Dog Breeds for a Family with Kids

Planning to adopt a dog but confused which one to adopt especially because you have kids at home? Basically it all depends on your household activities, living statution and family energy says Thomas N Salzano a professional dog trainer. Everyone prefers a dog that has a friendly attitude, trainable nature and can easily adapt with the family especially with kids.

It is also noticed that people get confused with the dog breeds and look for suggestions whereas some are clear with their choice based on their own experience and interaction with similar dogs.

Here is a little effort put in by Thomas N Salzano by listing some top prefered dogs based on their friendly nature and traits.

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Pug or a French Bulldog

Both the breeds look similar but are way different from each other. Both the breeds look a bit similar and is the only reason that people get confused at the first glance. If we talk about French Bulldogs who have medium energy levels, they are playful with high affection levels.

  Pugs are a little lazy but friendly dogs. They show low energy levels but can be easily trained.

Hungarian Viszla

This breed is best known for high energy levels so the families looking for a truly active dog have a best choice. This is a hunting breed with excellent learning skills.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This is the most gentle dog breed you will come across. This friendly dog is the best addition in the family, especially a family with young children.  This sweet-natured dog breed loves to play and no aggression level which makes this breed the top choice for families with kids.

 Labrador Retriever

This is one of the most versatile and popular breeds of dog with traits like gentle, playful, sociable and patient all-rounder. Labrador are very intelligent and this is the reason why they are considered as human friendly dogs. A labrador will make your family compete as this dog is known for its sense of humour and adventure that we all look for in a dog.


Poodle is one of the most cute breeds of dog and is loved by children. It is said that the dog needs high maintenance but regular clipping will help reduce that.


Beagles are among the dogs that are prefered by families with kids. This cute and neat looking dog is very attractive that makes this dog more desirable to add as a member in the family. They have endless energy and can play with you the whole day.


It is said that a boxer is the first choice of a young man. Maybe or maybe not be the situation in your case but this wonderfully sociable breed will make you fall in love with him. This breed is very energetic, exuberant and loves training sessions with their humans.

Mix Breeds

The mix breeds and crossbreeds are again the most loved breeds of dog among the families with young children. These dogs are less high maintenance and are already looking for homes in shelters and rehoming charities. If you get a chance to adopt this breed you should as these dogs are smart and friendly that will complete your family with love and excitement.

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Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are athletic, strong and friendly dogs that easily engage with your kids and other family members. Just like any other family dog, golden retriever is also one of the most desirable dogs. This dog has clean looks and a dense, straight or wavy outer water-repellent coat.  This breed has a high affection level which makes them count among the best dogs for a family with kids.

Newfoundland dog

This is a powerful breed with heavy bones and is strong enough to pull a drowning person from rough seas. This breed maynot be your first choice because of its huge size with a myth of high maintenance and control. But the families that prefer strong personality dogs will definitely prefer a dog like a Newfoundland dog.

These are the top ten dogs that you can consider while choosing a dog for your family with kids. But another truth is that choosing a right dog is like choosing a new family member and there is so much to think about and decide before bringing  a dog in your family that you look for suggestions. Just to help you find the right way Thomas Salzano has shared this list of dogs to help you take a decision. 

Thomas N Salzano – Top 10 Best Dog Breeds for a Family with Kids

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