Thomas N Salzano – Puppy Energy Level Changes and Tips to Prevent Dehydration in Puppy

Puppies are the little bundle of joy that you choose to add to your family, says Thomas N Salzano, a professional dog trainer, and famous blogger. The love you show towards your puppy in the initial days is what he/she will expect throughout the passing year.

Also, a puppy needs more care than an adult dog. Even keeping your puppy hydrated is your responsibility as the little one may ignore the water just like any other kid does.

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Your puppy’s behavior and energy level will keep changing with time, all you need to do is keep improving the diet of your puppy. The experts like Thomas Salzano suggest that the dog owners should have an idea about the changing behavior of their dog as he/she is growing. This knowledge will help you suspect the health issues if any in your puppy with respect to his/her energy level and behavior change.

From the birth of a puppy until your puppy turns 10 weeks old

Puppies are considered as babies and have boundless energy and curiosity. Chasing, running, biting, fidgeting, and pawing are the common activities including playing with your puppy. As your puppy is in the learning age, you can start with the basic training. 

From 10 weeks until your puppy is 16 weeks old

Your puppy will have a high level of energy during this period of growth. You may notice that your puppy ignores your command and is almost in a playful mood. Also the puppies begin to lose their first set of teeth around 3-4 months of age. 

From 4 months – 6 months

This phase is also called the aggression age where you will notice your puppy likes to play-fight  with other dogs around.  This is normal behavior as this is how your pulley starts to identify where he/she fits. Also your puppy fully shows fears around this age, if you notice something like this do work on boosting your puppy’s confidence and overcoming the fear. As in later ages, it is not possible. 

From 6 month to 12 months of age

By this age, your puppy will look like a fully growed-up adult dog. This is the age where you need to give more time to your puppy, by playing with him, and also by continuing training and socializing activities with others around them.

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Now let’s move to the second section of the blog i.e. “Tips to Prevent Dehydration in Puppy”

As the puppy is young he will invest more of his energy in playing, learning, and exploring. Your puppy will also need plenty of food and water as a part of the diet.

  • The dehydration symptoms are tented skin, sunken eyes, loss of appetite, lethargy, excessive panting, and depression.
  • Although puppies drink on their own and recover shortly for that you need to fill their water container regularly and keep it at a particular place.
  • In case you feel any symptom that is mentioned above last for more than a week you should visit a veterinarian. As you need to be more alert when it comes to puppies.
  • As a precaution keep your puppy away from the sun during hot summers.
  • Keep the food and water bowl of your puppy clean to avoid infection.
  • On average, a dog needs an ounce of water per pound of body weight per day.
  • Remind your puppy to drink water by keeping the water bowl in front of him.
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These are some tips shared by Thomas Salzano that will help you to take care of your puppy and keep a check on his/her growth. The puppies need more care so make sure you take them to a veterinarian regularly so that in case you miss any health-related symptom the veterinarian can help in detecting and treating it on time.

Thomas N Salzano – Puppy Energy Level Changes and Tips to Prevent Dehydration in Puppy

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