Thomas N Salzano: How Much Should You Feed Your Dog?

You need to plan a balanced diet for your dog and keeps a check on his/her eating habits, says Thomas N Salzano, a professional dog trainer. Almost every dog owner has some questions about the diet that he/she needs to maintain for a dog especially when the dog is small. Even when the dog turns old and refuses to eat much, you still need to maintain a blanched diet.

As a fact, you should feed your dog twice a day. Thomas says that the diet of your dog also depends on the size, breed and the level of energy of your dog, so frequent changes in the diet is a must.

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For all those who are looking for answers on “How much should you feed your dog?’ Here are some answers shared by Thomas N Salzano that will help you understand.

  • What factors affect How often a Dog Should Eat?

As mentioned before you should feed your dog at least twice a day. Dogs that have special conditions, or are undergoing medication will require a special diet plan to balance their body needs.

Breed of the dog also affects the diet plan, for all dogs you can not give the same diet. Some breeds like common large breed dogs, require more calories and feeding per day than small and medium-breed dogs.

Age is also an important factor that you need to consider when you plan a dog’s diet. There is a big difference in the diet of a puppy and a young dog. Also when your dog is old enough to struggle hard to chew food, you need a special diet of your dog at that time.

  • Feeding Schedule

Free-feeding is not a recommended method for feeding your dog. We understand that the dogs are smart enough that they can manage their food that is left on the plate to eat. But the dogs do eat that kept food in an irregular time period.

It is advisable to stick to a schedule for feeding your dog, this way even the dog develops a habit. You can plan the same time as your mealtime for your dog so that you do not miss the schedule.

  • Fresh Dog Food

Fresh dog food is always a better choice than the processed kibble, especially for puppies. These days there are hundreds of dog food recipes available that you can try for your dog too.

For those who have a habit of feeding their dogs with junk food (human food) should avoid this practice as it can lead to serious digestive issues in your dog. Even if your dogs ask for the junk, never offer even a bit.

  • What to include in your puppy’s diet?

Puppies need more food than an adult dog. Also as the puppies are in the growing stage they need a good amount of calcium in their diet so that their bones are strong enough. For calcium related queries you must consult your vet and make sure you include a good amount of calcium in their diet.

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For some puppies of a specific breed you many need to feed them 4 to 6 times in a day for the initial few months. After that the frequency can be reduced to 3-4 meals per day. The energy level and metabolism of the dog are also covered in the type of breed factor to some extent.

These are some tips that you can consider before planning a diet for your dogs. Thomas Salzano says the best advice is always given by experts like vets and dog tanners. So it is advisable that you should consult your vet quarterly or yearly.

Thomas N Salzano: How Much Should You Feed Your Dog?

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