Month: July 2021

Thomas N Salzano: How to Bath a Rescued Street Dog

“Helping the street dogs is one genuine good deed each one of us can do,” says Thomas N Salzano, a professional dog trainer and a blogger. You will find so many street dogs around you that require help. Feeding these street dogs is something the majority of pet lovers do, but the best part is that there are quite a few among you who rescue these street dogs and adopt them. Those who have rescued and adopted the street dogs generally look for tips to groom them and make them feel comfortable and safe. After the general medical check-up of the rescued dogs, the next step is to give a bath to your new furry friend. Keeping the fact in […]

Thomas N Salzano: Can Treats Help to Train Your Dog?

“Temptation is the biggest weakness of dogs, and training them by awarding them with what they like is the best element of dog training,” says Thomas Salzano, a professional dog trainer. But excessive amounts of anything can be harmful, the same is the case with the number of treats that you award your dog with. Generally, biscuits, gummies, and calcium bones are what the dog owner awards their furry friend with. But they at times ignore the number of treats per day that can make your dog fall sick. Basically, YES treats help to train your dog. Treats are just like a bonus for which your dog will put more effort to earn and be obedient so that he/she does […]

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