Thomas N Salzano: Can Treats Help to Train Your Dog?

“Temptation is the biggest weakness of dogs, and training them by awarding them with what they like is the best element of dog training,” says Thomas Salzano, a professional dog trainer.

But excessive amounts of anything can be harmful, the same is the case with the number of treats that you award your dog with. Generally, biscuits, gummies, and calcium bones are what the dog owner awards their furry friend with. But they at times ignore the number of treats per day that can make your dog fall sick.

Thomas N Salzano Dog Training

Basically, YES treats help to train your dog. Treats are just like a bonus for which your dog will put more effort to earn and be obedient so that he/she does not miss the chance to get the bonus.

Some important tips on training your dog with treats:

  • Keep small treats so that in case you offer more than the estimate it won’t affect much.
  • If your dogs develop a habit only to react when offered a treat, stop this practice as it will have no good effect on your dog’s behaviour.
  • Avoid giving the same treat over and over again, as some treats are rich in calcium and consuming more can have a side effect.
  • If you see aggressive behaviour when you are offering a teat to your dog, wait until he/she sits calmly.
  • Avoid liquid treats as they can get messy while training as your dog is excited seeing the treat.
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These are some basic points that the dog owner should keep in mind while training a dog with treats. Consult a trainer or do some research before you start your dog’s training, is what Thomas N Salzano suggests. Training with treats can go wrong at times, especially with dogs with aggressive behaviour which is why you need to be more careful.

Thomas N Salzano: Can Treats Help to Train Your Dog?

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