Thomas N Salzano: How to Bath a Rescued Street Dog

“Helping the street dogs is one genuine good deed each one of us can do,” says Thomas N Salzano, a professional dog trainer and a blogger. You will find so many street dogs around you that require help. Feeding these street dogs is something the majority of pet lovers do, but the best part is that there are quite a few among you who rescue these street dogs and adopt them.

Those who have rescued and adopted the street dogs generally look for tips to groom them and make them feel comfortable and safe. After the general medical check-up of the rescued dogs, the next step is to give a bath to your new furry friend.

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Keeping the fact in mind that a bath is a new concept for the rescued dog and to some extent the dog is scared, giving a bath will not be an easy task. In this post today, Thomas N Salzano has shared a simple method to bathe a reduced street dog. Let go through the shared method:

  • Organise everything from shampoo to towels with a non-slip bath mat to make the task easy.
  • Use a tub instead of a water pipe to give a bath. Stay close to the dog and keep a constant physical touch to make the dog feel safe in the tub. Watch the reaction and take him/her out if you feel the dog is not staying relaxed.
  • Now use a cup or container to scoop water on the dog, remember no to tie his mouth or grab him with force as that will make the dog feel unsafe and may attack you.
  • Now use the shampoo avoiding using it on the neck and face area, to keep the vision clear of the dog. For the first bath, you can prefer cleaning the body only if the dog is not relaxed while taking a bath.
  • Dry gently and what will work like a magic is a treat so that the dog stays at one place and it becomes easy for you to dry him up.
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These are the five basic steps that you should follow while giving a bath to a reduced dog. Thomas N Salzano says to keep your safety as a priority never tie or grab a dog with force. Instead be gentle and keep telling them to stay calm. Give the treat to motivate them or a toy to distract them from the water pressure, and noise while giving a bath.

Thomas N Salzano: How to Bath a Rescued Street Dog

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