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Thomas N Salzano

Thomas N Salzano is a dog lover, animal behaviorist, and a former dog trainer. For his love for animals, especially dogs, he earned a degree in animal behavior. After completing his college, he started working as a junior assistant in the local association of local pet dog trainers.

After working there for at least 7 years, he started working independently. Till now Thomas has delivered 70+ one-day seminars and attended around 150 workshops for dog trainers. Also, he is an active blogger who is influencing people to adopt and love dogs.

His mission is to provide a home or shelter to every dog. He himself has 3 pet dogs. “I am very family-oriented kind of person. In my family, there are parents, wife, 2 daughters, and 3 German Shepherd dogs,” states Thomas N Salzano. He thinks that dogs are the most loyal creatures who love their masters completely.

To open a dog training center was his wife’s wish as she is also very close to dogs. Thomas and his wife then decided to run a dog training center with two of his close friends.

At their center, they train pet dogs and work for the wellness of stray dogs. The team also pitches in for the adoption of stray dogs.

Thomas says, “even if I was not professionally a dog trainer and stayed around dogs for almost 15 hours a day, I would still be working for the wellness of stray dogs.” He is planning to start a veterinary clinic for stray dogs so that he can give better services to his furry friends.

Thomas N Salzano says, “It’s only dogs who return your love with interest, which is why they are the right investment to invest your time and energy in.”

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